Six Sigma is a proven method of reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma is a recognized and trusted accreditation across a wide range of industry sectors.

Study Six Sigma online with Knowledge Train®

Six Sigma courses come in a variety of formats and levels. Begin your Six Sigma journey with an entry-level, white-belt course and work your way through 6 levels of training to the Six Sigma master black-belt.

Each level will increase in complexity and difficulty. Our accredited tutors and instructors will make sure you receive the best in training and materials, so you become a Six Sigma master quickly and easily.

Should I take a Six Sigma course?

You should take this Six Sigma course if:

  • You want to learn the principles of Six Sigma and how to apply them in the workplace;
  • You want a proven method of solving issues in development;
  • You want to be Six Sigma certified and enjoy the increased career opportunities this brings;
  • You have management experience and want to implement a powerful development methodology in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

Six Sigma training will help you improve the working environment for your employees and improve your businesses’ practice by cutting costs and bloated systems.

Finally, you’ll be able to add Six Sigma certification to your list of skills as proof of your capacity to implement change and manage personnel.